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7th Annual Garden State - LSAMP and New Nothern New Jersey - Bridges to Baccalaureate STEM Research Conference

Latest News

Meet Lucianny Lantigua LSAMP Spotlight

I was born in Dominican Republic and migrated to Newark, New Jersey on October 2001. I was part of the National Honors Society and the ScienceNational Honors Society at Science Park High School and graduated in thetop 5%. I am a third year Honors College student at Rutgers University Newark pursuing an Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science. I aminterested in integrating my knowledge in environmental science to solvethe effects of anthropogenic pollution on our environment.


Bright Spot in Hispanic Education

As part of the 25th Anniversary Year of Action, the Initiative made a national call for Bright Spots in Hispanic Education and announced over 230 during Hispanic Heritage Month. To elevate the work, including promising practices, of these Bright Spots and learn from their experiences, the Initiative is hosting a series of public engagements, via Google + Hangout over the coming year.

View the Conversation Here


Bridge to Doctorate

It is time to start recruiting applicants for COHORT XIII, which if funded starts August 1, 2016 and ends July 31, 2018. The deadline to apply for the CSU LSAMP-BD XIII program is May 13, 2016. However, all STEM department deadlines to apply for Admissions to the Graduate Program are much earlier. Some departments have a deadline as early as March 15, 2016 via CSU Mentor and the specific STEM department. Other departments have deadlines in April or May 1, 2016 Read more


Great Summer REU!

Since 1989, NSF has supported bringing students to conduct individual research projects with a scientist-mentor at either Chesapeake Biological Lab or Horn Point Lab of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science. This is a great opportunity to conduct research with a mentor and spend a summer by the Chesapeake Bay Lern More


Summer Internship

Sadie Nash Leadership Project (SNLP) offers educational programs to provide self­ identified young women with an opportunity to analyze and explore leadership through rigorous coursework, experiential and skill based learning, and youth­ designed activism projects

Please see details on the Sadie Nash summer internship opportunity for female college students! Deadline February 21st! Good Luck.


Reserch Opportunity

A new Dynamic Urban Environmental System and Sustainability(DUESS)REU(Reaserch Experience for Undergraduates) has opened at Rutgers-Newark! The deadline is Feb. 15th!

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White House Recognition

White House Recognizes RU-N-Led GSLSAMP Initiative As ‘Bright Spot’ For Attracting, Supporting Latino/a Students In STEM Studies

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LSAMP in Star Ledger

Science Minded-Garden State Growing Crop of STEM savvy Students.

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LSAMP Spotlight - Jaquil White and Bernard Gray

Congratulations to Jaquil White and Bernard Gray on receiving the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship


Graduate Primer Conference

Princeton Review GRE Prep session, Tips for applying to graduate school, Graduate Research Fellowship, Meet with Graduate STEM Admissions and more!
Send RSVP by March 13th to if you need bus transportation to the conference from Rutgers-Newark
Location:Student Center,126 Collage Avenue, Rutgers-New Brunswick
Date: April 3, 2015

Breakfast will be served


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