(Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation)

The Garden State

The Garden State LSAMP (Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation) is an alliance of seven NJ universities (Fairleigh Dickinson, Kean, Montclair State, NJIT, Rutgers – New Brunswick and Newark, and William Paterson) and one community college (Essex County), aimed at helping students succeed in non-medical Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) majors. Started in 1991 and funded by the National Science Foundation, LSAMP is a nationwide program designed to increase the number of professionals from minority groups that are traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields (see below for eligibility requirements). The program provides support services at many levels to help interested students be successful in STEM majors, such as academic support and specialized advising. Students are also eligible for mentoring, free tutoring services and paid research opportunities with university faculty. The program now includes over 50 alliances and is considered one of the most successful of its kind.

STEM fields are exciting and challenging, and lead to rewarding and stable careers! Most of the problems our world faces are being addressed by professionals in STEM areas. Whether it is to address global warming, energy production, food production, finding cures to disease, information technology or space travel, it will require a vast supply of STEM professionals for success. There is a severe shortage of people with this kind of training in the United States. For that reason, the U.S. is falling behind many countries in our ability to compete, which will have dire consequences for our country in the long run.

Since its inception in 2009, the mission of the Garden State LSAMP has been to increase the interest, retention, graduation and success of students from racial and ethnic groups that are historically underrepresented in STEM fields. Phase II of the program (2014-2019) focused on 1) assisting community college students to successfully transfer to four-year programs, 2) preparing and assisting students to matriculate into graduate programs, and 3) increasing student opportunities for international experiences. Phase III (2019-2024) will continue these goals as well as 1) increase STEM degrees awarded to underrepresented minority students by 60%, 2) increase the number of LSAMP scholars continuing to graduate school by 25%, and 3) increase international experiences by 25%.

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GS-LSAMP Alliance

Criteria for Admission*

To become a LSAMP Scholar, you must exhibit the following criteria:

  1. Be an Undergraduate student from an ethnic or racial group
    that is historically underrepresented in STEM fields (i.e., Black,
    Native American/Alaskan, Pacific Islander, or Hispanic).
  2. Full matriculated.
  3. Major or intend to major in a STEM field

*If you do not fit these criteria, click here for more resources.

Student Benefits

As a GS-LSAMP scholar, you will have outstanding opportunities to help you complete your undergraduate STEM degree, such as:

  1. A Learning Community of students who help each other succeed in classes
  2. Specialized advising to help you choose courses and programs to best suit your interests
  3. Stipends for tutoring, leading study groups, doing research, community service, etc.
  4. Opportunities to peer-mentor community college and high school students
  5. Research experiences in your area of interest, in faculty laboratories and in the field
  6. Attend and present your research at the annual GS-LSAMP conference
  7. Eligible for international experiences at laboratories through special programs that provide financial support

If graduate school is your next step, being an LSAMP member qualifies you for the Bridge to the Doctorate (B2D) program, available at a variety of schools. If accepted, the program will pay you $32,000 annual stipend for your first 2 years of graduate school. Additionally, the B2D institution will commit to support you for an additional 3 years while you complete your doctorate.

We are pleased to now be able to offer Bridge to the Doctorate fellowships at Rutgers University – Newark, starting in Fall 2020. Applications are currently being accepted. For more information, please click here.

If graduate school is not on the horizon, you will have completed an undergraduate degree that will allow you to obtain an exciting position in a STEM field. With more available jobs than qualified applicants, STEM professionals are in high devand, making their careers very secure, even in tough economic times.

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